Lake Effect Rowing Current Classes


ERG and Core

Starting with a technique warmup and dynamic stretch, this class features a range of erg intervals with core work between each set. 

Varying the workouts each time, one day may focus on longer "steady state" pieces aimed at building aerobic endurance, and another day may include high-intensity intervals designed to increase anaerobic capacity.


Row & Go Circuit

This high-energy class will get your heart pumping as you move through a circuit of short erg "pieces" to weights, core and body work. Each class starts with an erg warmup and ends with a cooldown and stretch.




Ready All Row Class:
Row & Go Circuit:
$20 drop-in (one) class

$85 for punch card* of 5 classes

$150 for punch card* of 10 classes

* Punch cards valid for 3 months

Private Instruction:

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